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Family law

Jurists Chambers has substantive experience in the area of laws of personal/family relations and advising on various aspects thereof, including:

  • Family laws in Bangladesh: the laws governing family relations in the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh communities and aboriginal minorities in Bangladesh, particularly the laws that govern marriage, divorce, paternity and legitimacy of children, maintenance, conjugal rights and protection from domestic violence, undivided family property and family business, inheritance, gift, will and other forms of testamentary disposition of property.
  • Inter-religion family relations and conflict of personal laws: conflict of personal laws peculiar to “special marriages” – marriages between parties with different religious faith, the laws governing such marriages, religion of children, their inheritance, and special procedure for dissolution of such marriages.
  • Practice and procedure of family courts: practice and procedure of the special courts operating in Bangladesh under the Family Court Ordinance 1985 and handle cases/suits relating to marriage, divorce/talaq and other forms of termination/dissolution of marriage, restitution of conjugal rights, guardianship of children, maintenance of wife and children, inheritance and other family matters.
  • Conflict of private international laws in cross-border family relations: private international law aspects of cross-border family relations, i.e., marriage and its dissolution between parties hailed from different jurisdictions and governed by different set of personal laws, their conjugal rights, inheritance etc., and enforcement of foreign judgments