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Tax disputes

Jurists Chambers advises on various income tax, value-added tax, and customs duty issues including:

  • Corporate taxation rates;
  • Taxable incomes and deductibles;
  • Taxation of local income of foreign businesses;
  • Taxation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and local-foreign Joint Ventures (JV);
  • Tax implications of corporate borrowings, IPO and debenture/bond issues;
  • Tax treatment of incomes from business and other sources;
  • Tax holidays and benefits/incentives for foreign investors in Bangladesh;
  • Tax compliance of new business;
  • Tax exemption for non-profits;
  • Tax liability of oil, gas and mineral exploration companies having PSC with the Bangladesh Government.

We are able to provide relief in following cases:

  • Errors in tax assessment orders or in computing taxable income;
  • Arbitrary/erroneous estimation of taxable income or import value of goods/machineries;
  • Over assessment of tax or customs duty;
  • Wrongful refusal by the revenue authority to allow any deduction;
  • Double taxation;
  • Assignment of wrong HS code for charging higher customs duty;
  • Unlawful refusal by the customs authority to release imports;
  • Unlawful refusal to allow a tax refund
  • Failure on the part of the revenue authority to comply with the taxation laws and statutory proceedings;
  • Unlawful seizure and confiscation of imports by the customs authority;
  • Unlawful freezing of assets and bank accounts by the revenue authority.