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Islamic & conventional finance law

Jurists Chambers has a well-recognised Islamic finance expertise in a broad range of practice areas, and have unique contributions to the development of the Islamic finance industry in Bangladesh. Our Managing Counsel is a former in-house Legal Counsel of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). We advise to conventional and Shariah-compliant financial institutions, fund managers, financial advisors and corporates on all aspects of Islamic finance. With a deep understanding of Shariah principles and close relationships with leading Shariah scholars, we offer exceptional abilities in advanced Islamic product development and transaction management.

We offer bespoke training courses to our clients. We also regularly hold seminars and publish briefings for our clients and speak at international conferences on the latest developments in the industry.

We have worked in the full range of modern and traditional Islamic finance contracts such as Sukuk, Wa’d, Murabaha, Ijara, Mudaraba and Musharakah. We have applied our skills in the establishment of a new Islamic institution, product strategy, legal risk management and in banking, project finance, asset finance, trade finance, fund formation and Islamic insurance

Jurists Chambers is able to advise on structuring Shariah-compliant funds. We advise on the full range of Islamic funds including real estate, private equity, listed equities and feeder funds. Our advice may cover the establishment of Shariah supervisory and executive committees, procedures for Shariah auditing, disclosure of Shariah risk factors, implementing Shariah screening criteria and advising on purification mechanisms.

Increasingly, project finance deals in Muslim countries are being financed partly by conventional and partly by Islamic finance. We advise on structuring such parallel financings and negotiating inter-creditor and security issues to the satisfaction of Islamic and conventional debt providers.