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Judicial review & writs

Enforcement of fundamental rights, sovereign undertakings, and government contracts; judicial review of rules, regulations, decisions and actions of the administrative and revenue authorities; and constitutional review of laws and policies of the government are the key components of Jurists Chambers’ practice in this area of law. We are able to offer our unmatched expertise in this area to the clients needing an extraordinary legal relief by way of a writ petition to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court in critical cases where a typical, regular legal recourse is of no use, or where the ordinary legal/judicial procedure fails to respond adequately. We ingeniously craft the most appropriate, customized form of legal relief that a particular situation demands, which includes:

  • Declaration of rights;
  • Enforcement of a sovereign undertaking and government contracts;
  • Mandatory orders and directions for specific performance of a legal/statutory obligation;
  • Restraining orders to enjoin a violation of law, or actions/inactions of public functionaries detrimental to life, liberty and personal safety;
  • Order requiring the law enforcing agencies to present a missing person before the court;
  • Order directing the law enforcing agencies to refrain from harassing a person without authority of law;
  • Order requiring the public functionaries to take particular actions/steps for environmental conservation and protection of public interest;
  • Declaration of illegality/unlawfulness of any particular action or inaction of any public functionary, including administrative or revenue authority.